Lockdown has ended but we still felt nervous. The flights had been booked for sometime and the intension was to go to Uganda or Tanzania but crossing borders is still scary so we decided to stay in Kenya. The trip was organised two weeks prior to our flight so we had to move quick. After contacting a few lodges and not been able to get anywhere with confirmation we went back to Porini who we had travel with some years back. They put together a simple itinerary really quickly with minimal transfers to keep the logistics easy. We had a great trip, lots of wildlife, fantastic encounters and not many other people so all very civilised gamedrives.

The highlight had to be the fantastic encounters with Cheetah and Lion, but what was truly amazing was the rainfall which made for some pretty interesting afternoons in the private conservancies of Ol Kinyei and Olare Motorogi.

So nice to be away from Covid UK.

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