Best of the Year

This is a place I’ve had on my bucket list for a long time and two things stopped me going; the sea crossing and the cost. Anyway, after coming to terms with the cost I decided to book with WildPhoto on a trip specifically aimed at photographer. I joined my friends, Ann Brooks and John Betts on the trip. The crossing to Antarctica was fine with an uneventful crossing and the weather in Antarctica was blue sky and calm seas – not at all what I envisaged. Beautiful for tourists but not quite the howling gales and wind swept penguins and seals I had in mind. Unfortunately on the last day the weather turned and I got some really nice photographs of Elephant Seals hankered down in the blizzard. Our landing was cut short as the weather was so bad. Then the nightmare crossing began for two days of hell on water.

Never again I said. I think I will be saying it in ten years time. NEVER AGAIN!!

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