Brazil 2019

Another great trip which was organised in part by Glauco and Charles at Southwild . We started our Brazilian adventure at Ouro Preto which was a short drive from Belo Horizonte. Ouro Preto is a colonial town in the Serra do Espinhaço mountains of eastern Brazil and was a great place to chill out after our flight from London. Not much photography but a really beautiful town with lots of interesting architecture. From Ouro Preto we drove back to Belo Horizonte […]

Svalbard 2019

A very disappointing trip with Natural World Safaris. I booked the trip as a result of a cancelled trip in April to Svalbard caused by a SAS Airline pilot strike. Once you get it in your head that you want to go somewhere then I really wanted to go and NWS offered an extremely discounted trip. I was a bit worried and not sure how photographically oriented it would be. I was right to be worried and it was very […]

Costa Rica 2019

What a great place!! Three weeks and covered six areas of a relatively small country. We didn’t travel far though on this self drive trip, put together by myself after extensive research and then organised by  Pieter at Aratinga Tours of Costa Rica. Easy driving, great accommodation, amazing guides, and great weather. Did I mention the photography? I think I took over nine thousand photographs and its been a struggle reducing the numbers to a reasonable number to get them […]

Equador 2018

Another place on my bucket list and the first real time in South America (other than Chile in transit to Antarctica). The trip consisted of three days in the capital Quito, followed by five days in the Cloud forest of Mindo and then fourteen days on a boat around Galapagos. Quito is a beautiful city and it was a nicce place to acclimatise to the altitude before going up to the cloud forest near Mindo. The cloud forest is really […]

Finland Bears 2018

In September I went to visit the Wild Brown Bear Centre in Lentiira, Finland together with my photography friends, Ann, Carol & David. It was 7 nights of visiting a hide at 4pm in the afternoon and then staying until 7am in the morning. The bears roamed around in the area all night but can only take photographs during daylight hours. I was also fortunate to see Wolverine and European Wolf. Some people might say it is crazy but being […]