Paginated Trips


2020 India

Trip to New Delhi and then transfer to Jaipur as Elaine, my wife, was taking part in an International Floral Competition. I went off to Ranthambore for a few days and left Elaine to make wonderful floral creations. We both then transferred to Ranthambore and stayed with Hemraj Meena at his wonderful Tiger Home Lodge very close to the entrance to Ranthambore.

North America

2020 Yellowstone

Third trip to visit Yellowstone National Park in the winter. This trip more or less mirrored the 2015 trip where we spent eight days in the Lamar Valley, three nights at the snow lodge in the heart of the park, and five nights at West Yellowstone.

Central America

2019 Mexico

Last minute trip to the Yucatan region of Mexico which I booked after some research about the area. A frustrating trip and not one I would recommend but nevertheless was enjoyable and I had a great time just chilling and doing things you normally do on holiday rather than chasing wildlife!

South America

2019 Brazil

Four and a half weeks in Brazil. Architecture, wolves, birds, and Jaguars which equates to Ouro Preto, Barreiras, Sao Paulo coast and the Pantanal Amazing, incredible and lots of photographic opportunities.


2019 Svalbard

A very disappointing trip with lack of bears on a non-photographic expedition!!

South America

2019 Costa Rica

What a great place!! Three weeks and covered six areas of a relatively small country. We didn’t travel far though on this self drive trip, put together by myself after extensive research and then organised by Pieter at Aratinga Tours of Costa Rica.

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