Trip to New Delhi and then transfer to Jaipur as Elaine, my wife, was taking part in an International Floral Competition. I went off to Ranthambore for a few days and left Elaine to make wonderful floral creations. We both then transferred to Ranthambore and stayed with Hemraj Meena at his wonderful Tiger Home Lodge very close to the entrance to Ranthambore.

The trip was in two halves, the first was four days without Elaine where I could indulge myself with serious tiger trekking and the second at a more leisurely pace where I had a little more leisure time.

The problem was that the first half only saw one tiger and was extremely frustrating and tiring. Elaine seemed to bring luck and it was more or less wall to wall tigers with some great photography opportunities.

Hamraj is a great guide and extremely enthusiastic. He also has a knack of getting you in the right spot! He can be found at Ranthambore Tiger Home

We then transferred to Delhi and headed to Ladakh but that another story.

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