Last minute trip to the Yucatan region of Mexico which I booked after some research about the area.

I found it difficult to find much information but used a couple of birding sites to identify locations.

Having flown into Cancun via Mexico City we picked up our hire car and drove to Tulum. Stayed in a lodge by the ocean we were not far from Sian Ka’an Biosphere but after our first trip out in a boat where we saw very little we abandoned the wildlife theme and visited Tulum ruins and browsed the main street of Tulum.

Following this we travelled to Chichen Itza and although we stayed at the Hacienda Chichen Resort which according to their website is full of wildlife we found very little, even with one of their guides. We did have an enjoyable visit to Chichen Itza itself, although having been twenty year ago things had changed and most of the ruins were not accessible.

Next destination was Uxmal for what was probably the best example of Mayan architecture and once again a lack of wildlife but an enjoyable destination with a comfortable B & B with a relaxing, but cold, swimming pool.

We then drove west to Celestún and stayed at Playa 55 Beach Escape which was a wonderful small hotel right on the beach. Great place to stay and was perfect to visit the Celestún Biosphere. We took a boat through the mangroves and saw some wildlife but a lack of Flamingos which was my target species in this area.

Final destination was Rio Lagartos where I was once again targeting the Greater Flamingo. We had booked six trips in the National Park and the first trip was perfect with flat waters, reflections and to be honest, too many flamingos which made it difficult to isolate the frames for a clean photograph. Our guide was not a photographer and I should have insisted that we stay with the flamingos but he wanted to tour the park so we left them and went down the river which was nice but as they say a bird in the hand . . . .  The next trips out saw changing conditions and choppy waters so never quite got the photo and regretted not spending more time on the first outing. A lesson learnt.

Anyway, a frustrating trip and not one I would recommend but nevertheless was enjoyable and Elaine and I had a great time just chilling and doing things you normally do on holiday rather than chasing wildlife!!

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