Uganda (Murchinson Falls)

In March this year I travelled to Uganda to fulfil one of my lifetime ultimate destinations, namely the Gorillas of Uganda. It was a spectacular trip and I came home with too many images which I would like to share with you on my website.
Because of the number I decided to break the trip into the different areas I visited.
First port of call was Murchison Falls which is in northwestern Uganda, spreading inland from the shore of Lake Albert around the Victoria Nile.
Only two nights in the park and it was certainly insufficient time to enjoy its full splendour. We arrived in the late evening after a quick stop off at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary around lunchtime. You can imagine the full heat of the day and the hard light. The rhinos were hiding in the think bush and it was difficult to get good images but is certainly worth an overnight stop on the next trip.
So in the morning of our only full day we visited the park area and were fortunate to see the Patas Monkey which is only seen in this part of Uganda. In the afternoon we had a boat trip on the Victoria Nile and climbed the side of Murchison Falls. An exhausting day but good training for the trekking in the following week.

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