In June, Elaine & I went to Sri Lanka and travelled with whom I met at the Birdfair in August 2014. We were met by Jith at Colombo airport and introduced to our guide for the trip, Nandana.
The trip was wildlife focused, as usual, and we had planned 22 safari drives over the 18 day period in various national parks. The primary species were leopard, sloth bear and elephant.
It was an amazing trip and I was extremely fortunate to see all my target species. I had many special moments on this photographic adventure; 80 minutes with a leopard and no other vehicle to spoil the tranquility of the experience has to be one of the moments I will talk about for years to come but there were lots of special things from the peacock doing its courtship dance to the Paradise Flycatcher fishing in a lake.
Thanks once again to Nandana and Jith for organising something very special.

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