In late November I travelled to Ethiopia with my wife Elaine. The trip was organised by an excellent agent, based in Addis Ababa who were recommended by a friend of mine Marcel Mueller.

The trip focused on Gelada Monkey, Simien Wolf, and Colobus Monkey and the trip surpassed my expectation having heard how difficult it can be to spot and photograph some of these elusive animals.
Ethiopia is an incredibly beautiful country and the people were all extremely friendly. I was amazed by the amount of farmer after imagining all the famine that the country has suffered. But everywhere we went the people were very much living off the land and crops looked to be plentiful and the land fertile.
So after 16 days and 6000 images I ended the trip with yet another intension to revisit as soon as possible. I regret not spending any time photographing the beauty of the country and the people and this is on my list of things to do in the future. Perhaps I might even go back with Marcel as he is an extremely good photo journalist and I know Ethiopia is one of his favourite places in the world.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing some of the images I captured on the trip.

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