On the heels of my trip to Terrace, British Columbia I could not pass up the opportunity to spend some quality time exploring the vast and wondrous National Parks in Alberta, Canada. Although I had set out to capture photographs of the local wildlife what struck me the most was the beauty and undeniable presence of the famous Canadian Rockies. Travelling through quaint towns such as Banff, Canmore and Jasper to name a few I couldn’t help but be in awe of the marvellous, majestic mountain range forged over 76 million years ago that surrounded me everywhere I went. Aqua blue lakes fed by melting glaciers mirror the jagged edges of these commanding giants and humbled even a guy like me with its splendour. In the solitude of my journey, I could hear mother nature’s voice whispering to me like a soft gentle breeze which was comforting in a time of personal reflection and soul searching. In addition to my impromptu reunion with landscape photography, I was also able to enjoy my true love – wildlife photography! I snapped some great shots of Moose, Black Bears, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Bison and even a came across a Beaver and her kit as they emerged from the river bank. Amazing! Alberta, with its phenomenal mountains, inspirational glaciers, crisp lakes and endless forests is a fabulous feast for the eyes and a delight for the lens. Definitely worth going back for again no doubt about it!

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