A very disappointing trip with Natural World Safaris.

I booked the trip as a result of a cancelled trip in April to Svalbard caused by a SAS Airline pilot strike.
Once you get it in your head that you want to go somewhere then I really wanted to go and NWS offered an extremely discounted trip. I was a bit worried and not sure how photographically oriented it would be.
I was right to be worried and it was very much a sleep during the night, breakfast at 8, dinner at 7:30 affair which was very inflexible. With guides who were not photographer and held a very firm conservation approach, treating the guests like irresponsible children heralding us into a tight group I found it frustratingly difficult to get decent images. Lack of bears resulted in a disappointing trip and a ridiculously low number of images to process.
Going again next year. Lets hope for better results.

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