Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Although always having an interest in photography it was not until 2005 that I acquired a digital camera and started to take photographs. Being an IT person I found it easy to analyse and understand the results and therefore I quickly mastered the camera.
The difficult part is mastering the composition and I know from looking at other photographers work that this can take years to achieve. Fortunately, I am very lucky as I have an understanding wife and lots of time to go out taking pictures. There is nothing more rewarding than watching wildlife or seeing the sun come up over
the horizon and it can be even more rewarding if this can be captured into a photographic memory that myself, and hopefully others, will be able to enjoy. I really appreciate you looking at my work and hope that you might contact me with any feedback.

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March 2019

Northern Emerald Toucanet - Perching

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2019 February Costa Rica

What a great place!! Three weeks and covered six areas of a relatively small country. We didn't travel far though on this self drive trip, put together by myself after extensive research and then organised by  Pieter at Aratinga Tours of Costa Rica.
Easy driving, great accommodation, amazing guides, and great weather. Did I mention the photography? I think I took over nine thousand photographs and its been a struggle reducing the numbers to a reasonable number to get them on the website. Finished up with 149 which is probably too many and I think breaks the record for what I consider quality photographs. No award winners I think and the majority of them are birds which doesn't get me as excited as those lovely bears I love to photograph but nevertheless it was amazing and will certainly like to consider going again.