Monthly Archives: December 2021

Slovenia 2021

Slovenia Hurriedly arranged trip to coincide my departure from Italy with Larry Jackson’s arrival in Slovenia. There was a spare place on a Slovenia landscape workshop organised by www.photosfaris.com and lead by Luka Esenko and Andrej Krail. I probably only went in order to meet up with Larry who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. It was a fairly average trip probably on account of the lack of wildlife which was to be expected but sharing time with my […]

Tuscany 2021

Lockdown Blues. Cant go anywhere so as soon as we could leave the UK we decided that Europe was a good option. Looks like the trips we are going to do when we are “old” need to be brought forward. Three weeks in Tuscany required a bit of research and I think I did rather well with stays in Lucca, Radda in Chianti, Siena, Pienza and Orvieto. Followed by a few days in Sorrento before flying to Slovenia for more […]