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Slovenia 2021

Kenya Lockdown has ended but we still felt nervous. The flights had been booked for sometime and the intension was to go to Uganda or Tanzania but crossing borders is still scary so we decided to stay in Kenya. The trip was organised two weeks prior to our flight so we had to move quick. After contacting a few lodges and not been able to get anywhere with confirmation we went back to Porini who we had travel with some […]

Slovenia 2021

Slovenia Hurriedly arranged trip to coincide my departure from Italy with Larry Jackson’s arrival in Slovenia. There was a spare place on a Slovenia landscape workshop organised by www.photosfaris.com and lead by Luka Esenko and Andrej Krail. I probably only went in order to meet up with Larry who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. It was a fairly average trip probably on account of the lack of wildlife which was to be expected but sharing time with my […]

Tuscany 2021

Lockdown Blues. Cant go anywhere so as soon as we could leave the UK we decided that Europe was a good option. Looks like the trips we are going to do when we are “old” need to be brought forward. Three weeks in Tuscany required a bit of research and I think I did rather well with stays in Lucca, Radda in Chianti, Siena, Pienza and Orvieto. Followed by a few days in Sorrento before flying to Slovenia for more […]

Ladakh 2020

Following our trip to Ranthambore we flew to Leh, Ladakh, to start our journey to Uley to hopefully see the Snow Leopards in the mountains of Uley. We joined up with our good friends Ann Brooks and Sue Saunders at the Mahay Retreat and stayed for four nights to see the local temples which included visit to the festival at Matho Monastery. Then we headed to the Snow Leopard Lodge in the mountains of Ladakh. A beautiful journey and an […]

India 2020

Trip to New Delhi and then transfer to Jaipur as Elaine, my wife, was taking part in an International Floral Competition. I went off to Ranthambore for a few days and left Elaine to make wonderful floral creations. We both then transferred to Ranthambore and stayed with Hemraj Meena at his wonderful Tiger Home Lodge very close to the entrance to Ranthambore. The trip was in two halves, the first was four days without Elaine where I could indulge myself […]

Yellowstone 2020

Third trip to visit Yellowstone National Park in the winter. This trip more or less mirrored the 2015 trip where we spent eight days in the Lamar Valley, three nights at the snow lodge in the heart of the park, and five nights at West Yellowstone. The first stop at Lamar Valley was based out of Gardiner in Montana and we had our 4×4 vehicle to take us up and down Lamar Valley. I think the highlight of this part […]

Mexico 2019

Last minute trip to the Yucatan region of Mexico which I booked after some research about the area. I found it difficult to find much information but used a couple of birding sites to identify locations. Having flown into Cancun via Mexico City we picked up our hire car and drove to Tulum. Stayed in a lodge by the ocean we were not far from Sian Ka’an Biosphere but after our first trip out in a boat where we saw […]

Brazil 2019

Another great trip which was organised in part by Glauco and Charles at Southwild . We started our Brazilian adventure at Ouro Preto which was a short drive from Belo Horizonte. Ouro Preto is a colonial town in the Serra do Espinhaço mountains of eastern Brazil and was a great place to chill out after our flight from London. Not much photography but a really beautiful town with lots of interesting architecture. From Ouro Preto we drove back to Belo Horizonte […]

Svalbard 2019

A very disappointing trip with Natural World Safaris. I booked the trip as a result of a cancelled trip in April to Svalbard caused by a SAS Airline pilot strike. Once you get it in your head that you want to go somewhere then I really wanted to go and NWS offered an extremely discounted trip. I was a bit worried and not sure how photographically oriented it would be. I was right to be worried and it was very […]

Costa Rica 2019

What a great place!! Three weeks and covered six areas of a relatively small country. We didn’t travel far though on this self drive trip, put together by myself after extensive research and then organised by  Pieter at Aratinga Tours of Costa Rica. Easy driving, great accommodation, amazing guides, and great weather. Did I mention the photography? I think I took over nine thousand photographs and its been a struggle reducing the numbers to a reasonable number to get them […]