Lion - Female Resting in the Grass

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Lion - Male in Golden Light

Lion - Playful Cub

Lion - Female With Her Young Cubs

Lion - On The Hunt

Lion - Majestic Male

Lion - Male on the Ridge

Lion - Snarling Male

Lion - Cub Running to Mum

Lion - Lapping It Up

Lion - Playing with Cub

Lion - Keep Away From My Cub

Lion - Proud Mother with Cub

Lion - Female Resting in the Grass

Lion - Watching Out

Lion - Male in the Grass

Lion - Cub in the Grass

Lion - Cub Looking for Mum

Lion - Watchful Mother with Cub

Lion - Mother Cleaning Her Baby

Lion - Cuddle from Mother

Lion - Female Portrait

Lion - Play Fight

Lion - Cub with Sad Eyes

Lion - Terrible Twins

Lion - Cub In The Rain

Lion - Walking in the Rain

Lion - Cub On The Rocks

Lion - Male on the Rocks

Lion - Golden Sky

Lion - Male in Evening Light

Lion - Swish Went The Tail

Lion - Intense Stare

Lion Cub - Peek-a-boo

Lion - Hang Down, Nap Time

Lion - On a Branch Totally Relaxed

Lion - Cool Chill

Lioness - Bronze Eyes

Lion - You can't See Me

Lioness - Downward Stretch

Lion - TreeTop Branch Dance

Lioness & Cub - Nestled Nicely in the Tree

Lion - Here's Looking At You

Lion - Ready to Hunt

Lion - Looking Through The Grass

Lion - Nap Interrupted

Lion - Tree Hugger

Lion - Its Been a Long Hard Day

Lion - Treetop Snarl

Lion - Looking Out For Dinner

Lion - On a branch Looking Over Yonder

Lion Cub Lookout

Lioness wirh Cub in the Bush

Lioness and Two Cubs

Lioness and Cubs

Lion - Male Hunting

Mara Lion

Lioness - Hunting In The Mara

Lioness - With Playful Cub

Lion - Male Side Portrait

Lioness - Grooming

Lion - Just for Licks

Lion - Pain In The Neck

Lion Cub Lookout

Lion - Cub Love

Wet Lion Cub

Lion Cub Prowling

Lion Snarl

Lion Cub Pose

Lion Cub

Curious Lion Cubs

Lion Cub

Lion Cub on Log

Lion Cub Love

Open Wide

Lion Cubs

Lioness - Contented Female

Lion Reflection

Lions At Play

Lioness II

Lioness I

Lion - No more photos!

Lion Kill II


Lion Cub

Lion II

Lion Kill I

LIon Cub - Growling?

Lion Cub Following Mother

Lion - Its a Hard Life

Lion III

Lion I



Lioness Out for Lunch


Ready to Pounce

Lions at Play


Lioness Out for Lunch

Looking for Dinner

Lion & Lioness

Lion & Lioness


Lion & Lioness



Is it over yet?

Give me a kiss!

Male Lion

Kruger Lion

Lioness Resting At Noon



Bored Lion Cub

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Technical information

Camera: NIKON D500
ISO: ISO-1600
Lens: 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR AF-S
Shutter: 1/320sec
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 200mm


Fri, 22 Sep 2017

Photo tags

Lake Nakuru
Nakuru County
Rift Valley