White-fronted Kingfisher - Confidence

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Ringed Kingfisher - On the River Bank

Ringed Kingfisher - Surveying the River

Ringed Kingfisher - Morning Light

Stork-billed Kingfisher - Waiting to Fish

Pied Kingfisher - On Clay Mound

Pied Kingfisher - On Papyrus

Malakite Kingfisher - Colorful contemplation

Malakite Kingfisher - Tropical Temptation

Woodland Kingfisher - Intense Observation

Pied Kingfisher - With Feather

Pied Kingfisher - Mohawk Tuft

Pied Kingfisher - On Thorn Bush

Pied Kingfisher - On Bush

Pied Kingfisher - Perched on Thorn

Common Kingfisher - Beauty

Belted Kingfisher (Male) - Perched on a Branch

Belted Kingfisher (Female) -Perched on a Mossy Branch

Common Kingfisher - Joy

White-fronted Kingfisher - Confidence

Common Kingfisher - Focused

Belted Kingfisher (Male) - Observing From Above

White-fronted Kingfisher - Serenity

Kingfisher - Vertical Dive

Male Kingfisher with Fish

Kingfisher Dive

Kingfishers on Branch

Kingfisher on Twig

Kingfisher on Branch

Female Kingfisher on Branch

Pied Kingfisher

Grey Headed Kingfisher

Grey Hooded Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher


Grey-headed Kingfisher

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Technical information

Camera: NIKON D4
ISO: ISO-800
Lens: 500mm f4 ED VR AF-S
Shutter: 1/500sec
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 700mm


Tue, 16 Jun 2015

Photo tags

Sri Lanka
White-fronted Kingfisher