Chimanzee - Contemplation

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Chimanzee - You Hum It I'll Play It

Chimanzee - Seriously

Chimanzee - Contemplation

I am Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee - Shout!

Chimpanzee - Deep in Thought

Chimpanzee - Resting Portrait

Chimpanzee - Contemplating

Chimpanzee - Absorbed in the Moment

Chimpanzee - Play me a Tune

Chimpanzee - I'll show You Mine If You Show Me Your's

Chimpanzee - I'm King of the Swingers

Chimpanzee - Guilty

Chimpanzee - Squat on a Knotted Branch

Chimpanzee - Whats Over There

Chimpanzee - Pucker Up!

Chimpanzee - At Rest

Chimpanzee - Where to Next

Chimpanzee - Back off Buddy

Chimpanzee - That Feels Good

Chimpanzee - They Went That A Way

Chimpanzee - It's a Sad Day

Chimpanzee - Juicy Fruit

Chimpanzee - Holding on by a thread

Chimpanzee - You want my Flower

Chimpanzee - Stubborn

Chimpanzee - You have anything for a Migrane

Chimpanzee - Hard Day's Night

Chimpanzee - Good Night Kiss

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Technical information

Camera: NIKON D500
ISO: ISO-800
Lens: 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR AF-S
Shutter: 1/250sec
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 200mm


Thu, 14 Sep 2017

Photo tags

Laikipia County
Ol Pejeta Conservancy