Chilcotin Mountain Bears

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Brown-throated Sloth - Hey Dude

Geoffroy's Spider Monkey - Curious

Brown-throated Sloth - Having a Rest

Variegated Squirrel - Now I See You

Variegated Squirrel - Tail up High

Polar Bear - Intent Stride

Bearded Seal - Burgerbukta

Brown-throated Sloth - Climbing the Tree

Variegated Squirrel - Walk the Vine

Brown-throated Sloth - Don't Look Down

Brown-throated Sloth - Crossing the Canopy

Polar Bear - No Care Bear

Polar Bear - Prowlling at Isbukta

Brown-throated Sloth - Nearly There

Polar Bear - Crossing the Fast Ice

Polar Bear - Walk on By at Isbukta

Peccaries - Foraging in the Grass

Sealion - Return from the Sea

Eurasian Brown Bear - Curious Cub

Eurasian Brown Bear - Stern Look

Eurasian Brown Bear - On The Prowl

Namibian Giraffe - Looking Out

Impala - Stag in Golden Light

Burchell's Zebra - That's Funny

Jackal - Dog & the Dunes

Jackal - Leader of the Pack

Jackal - Relaxing in the Wind

Jackal - On The Scent

Burchell's Zebra - Mother and Foal

Wild Dog - The Pench Pack

Wild Dog - Ready To Hunt

Sealion - Woken from Log Sleep

Eurasian Brown Bear - White Cub in the Sage

Eurasian Brown Bear - Reflection

Eurasian Wolf - Listening

Eurasian Wolf - Serenity

Eurasian Brown Bear - Grey Bear

Eurasian Brown Bear - Mum and Cub

Eurasian Brown Bear - Mother and the Cubs

Eurasian Brown Bear - Into the Clearing

Eurasian Brown Bear - Autumn Appearance

Brown Bear - Cautious Glance

Eurasian Brown Bear - Big Fellow

Wolverine - Alert on The Rocks

Eurasian Brown Bear - Golden Sage

Eurasian Brown Bear - Golden Light

Eurasian Brown Bear - Aware

Eurasian Brown Bear - Looking our for the Cubs

Bat-eared Fox - Are You Listening Carefully

Namibian Giraffe - Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Namibian Giraffe - Peeping Out

Warthog - After The Mud Bath

Black-faced Impala - Stand Firm

African Bush Elephant - Get Out of My Way

Burchell's Zebra - Spitting Image

Burchell's Zebra - Head Down

Burchell's Zebra - Keep Straight On

Burchell's Zebra - Its The Way You Tell Them

African Bush Elephant - Trunk Silhouette

African Bush Elephant - Here We Come

Burchell's Zebra - Drinking

Springbok - On The Look Out

Springbok - Family Group

Jackal - Full Alert

Jackal - Curious

Jackal - Look Out

Namib Naukluft Park - Zebra In Morning Light

Burchell's Zebra - Does by Bum Look Big In This

Burchell's Zebra - My Baby

Leopard - Rock Climber

Leopard - Rock Descent

Asiatic Lion - Greetings

Asiatic Lion - Quick March

Asiatic Lion - Resting in the Grass

Jackal - Gir Forest

Wild Dog - Eye on the Target

Wild Dog - Lone Runner

Sealion - Been Fishing

Eurasian Brown Bear - Wide Stride

Eurasian Brown Bear - Golden Grass

Eurasian Brown Bear - Tall Reflection

Eurasian Brown Bear - Young Male

Eurasian Brown Bear - Mother and the Three Bears

Eurasian Brown Bear - Thoughtfull

Eurasian Brown Bear - Into the Open

Eurasian Brown Bear -

Eurasian Brown Bear - Looking for Mum

Eurasian Brown Bear - Out of the Woods

Eurasian Brown Bear - Watchful Eye

Eurasian Brown Bear -

African Bush Elephant - Leaving the Waterhole

Bat-eared Fox - Manged

Warthog - Having A Drink

Warthog - Ready to Bolt

Warthog - Family Pair

Burchell's Zebra - Waterhole Group

Burchell's Zebra - Pause For Thought

African Bush Elephant - In The Bush

African Bush Elephant - Big White Male

Burchell's Zebra - Mother and Foal Portrait

Burchell's Zebra - Etosha Group

Burchell's Zebra - Into the Water

Wildebeest - Morning Light

Hyena - Sunrise Hunter

Hyena - Heading for the Road

Jackal - In The Long Grass Portrait

Jackal - In The Long Grass

Springbok - Young Male

Springbok - Eyes for You

Jackal - Watching

Jackal - Close Up

Jackal - Concentration

Jackal - On the Hunt

Jackal - Stop and Look

Jackal - Caution

Jackal - Standing Firm

Jackal - Surveying the Area

Burchell's Zebra - In The Heat of the Day

Burchell's Zebra - Rear Symmetry

Leopard - Surveyor of The Mountains

Asiatic Lion - Under the Bush

Asiatic Lion - Walk on the Wild Side

Wild Dog - On Alert

Wild Dog - Tail Up

Wild Dog - Watching

Tiger - Walk the Track

Eurasian Wolf - Walk the Walk

Eurasian Brown Bear - Shy Junior

Eurasian Brown Bear - Hidden Bear

Red Squirrel - Stand Tall

Eurasian Wolf - Rock Lookout

Eurasian Brown Bear - Cute Cub

Eurasian Brown Bear - Passing By Water

Eurasian Brown Bear - Glassy Reflection

Eurasian Brown Bear - Out of the Trees

Eurasian Brown Bear - Walk in the Woods

Meerkat - On Look Out

Black-faced Impala - Curious

Burchell's Zebra - Heading to The Waterhole

Warthog - Bolting

Hyena - Sunrise in the Sage Grass

Jackal - Etosha Park

Springbok - Evening Light

Springbok - On A Mound

Springbok - Hazy Light

Jackal - Watching

Jackal - Sad Stance

Jackal - Windswept

Burchell's Zebra - Young Fowl

Leopard - Rock Solid

Asiatic Lion - Survey the Territory

Wild Dog - On the Prowl

Wild Dog - Running Mate

Wild Dog - Watch Out

Wild Dog - Gather Round

Sealion - Waddle on the Rocks

Eurasian Brown Bear - Hiding in the Shrubbery

Eurasian Brown Bear - Shy Bear

Eurasian Brown Bear - Passing By

Eurasian Brown Bear - Watching

Eurasian Brown Bear - Keep Back

Wolverine - Rockhopper

Leopard - Resting Up

Asiatic Lion - Attention

Asiatic Lion - Portrait

Spotted Dear - Portrait

Bringing Home The Hay

Wild Dog - Keep Together

Tiger - Kanha NP

Cow - Heading Home

Jackal - Kanha

Gaur - Kanha

Elephant Seal - Lazy Eye

Elephant Seal - Hunkered Down

Weddell Seal - You Said What

Leopard - Looking for Dinner

African Bush Elephant - In The Long Grass

Hippo - Heading to the River

Lion - Male in Golden Light

Jackal - Close-up

Lion - Playful Cub

Reticulated giraffe - On White Background

Giraffe - Walking Tall

White Rhino - Hitting the Target

Black Rhino - On The Move

Lion - Female With Her Young Cubs

Orangutan - Mad Scamper

Orangutan - Getting to Grips with Trees

Proboscis Monkey - Its raining

Orangutan - Smile for the Camera

Polar Bear - Standing Proud

Polar Bear - Stroll on the Ice

Ringed Seal - Hi There

Elephant Seal - Syncronised Yawning

Elephant Seal - All Smiles

Elephant Seal - Just Good Friends

Weddell Seal - You Cant Be Serious

Weddell Seal - No More Photos

African Bush Elephant - Mara Landscape

Wildebeest - Blocking the Road

Lion - On The Hunt

Hyena - In Golden Light

Hippopotamus - Heading Home

Lion - Majestic Male

Lion - Male on the Ridge

Lion - Snarling Male

Burchell's Zebra - Portrait

Burchell's Zebra - Contemplation

Lion - Cub Running to Mum

Lion - Lapping It Up

Lion - Playing with Cub

Lion - Keep Away From My Cub

Lion - Proud Mother with Cub

Lion - Female Resting in the Grass

Jackal - Stand Proud

Nubian Giraffe - In The Trees

Leopard - Hiding in the Bush

Gerenuk - Picking Dinner

Reticulated Giraffe - Heads Up

Reticulated giraffe - Head Portrait

Reticulated Giraffe - With a Flick of the Tail

White Rhino - Tangled Heads

White Rhino - Power Struggle

African Bush Elephant - Tearful

Warthog - In The Bush

Black Rhino - Na na

Chimanzee - You Hum It I'll Play It

Vervet Monkey - Portrait

Agile Gibbon - Catch Me If You Can

Orangutan - Swinging with Mother

Orangutan - Looking out

Orangutan - Tree Hugger

Orangutan - Tasty Fruit

Proboscis Monkey - Brown Eyes

Orangutan - I Am

Orangutan - How many?

Orangutan - Designer Branch

Orangutan - Manic Male

Orangutan - Looking for Ticks

Polar Bear - Forlorn Hunter

Polar Bear - Looking for Dinner

Polar Bear - Lazy Roll

Weddell Seal - Sleep Easy

Humpback Tail Fin at Hydrurga Rocks

Weddell Seal - Impeccable Snooze

Weddell Seal - Fancy Footwork

Weddell Seal - Laugh Out Loud

Weddell Seal - On the Rocks

Elephant Seal - Best Buddies

Elephant Seal - White Out

Elephant Seal - Blizzard Conditions

Lion - Watching Out

Leopard - In The Woods

Hippopotamus - Homeward Bound

Lion - Male in the Grass

Jackal - Resting Under The Bush

Wildebeest - Black Beest

Lion - Cub in the Grass

Lion - Cub Looking for Mum

Hyena - I Am

Lion - Watchful Mother with Cub

Lion - Mother Cleaning Her Baby

Lion - Cuddle from Mother

Buffalo - In the Bush

Lion - Female Portrait

Lion - Play Fight

Lion - Cub with Sad Eyes

Lion - Terrible Twins

Hyena - Squeal Little Piggy

Jackal - In The Grass

Nubian Giraffe - Tree Cover

Hyena - Stealthly Walk

Burchell's Zebra - Play Flighting

African Savanna Hare - Don't Move

Reticulated Giraffe - Two Heads

Reticulated Giraffe - Crossing The Plain

Reticulated Giraffe - Solitary Stroll

White Rhino - Tasty Snack

Chimanzee - Seriously

Lion - Cub In The Rain

Lion - Walking in the Rain

Burchell's Zebra - Best of Friends

Reticulated Giraffe - Fighting

Reticulated Giraffe - Two Heads are Better Than One

Orangutan - Hold Tight

Orangutan - Glancing Dancer

Orangutan - Peakaboo

Proboscis Monkey - Thoughtful

Orangutan - Reflective Mother with baby

Orangutan - Young Climber

Orangutan - This Bark Is Stringy

Proboscis Monkey - Resting on a branch

Agile Gibbon - Which Tree Next

Orangutan - Up Here!

Orangutan - Contemplation

Orangutan - Ready to Swing

Orangutan - Down the Pole

Orangutan - Dont look Down

Orangutan - Baby hold on Tight

Orangutan - Tread Carefully

Orangutan - Scowler

Orangutan - Picking Seeds

Polar Bear - Ready to Hunt

Polar Bear - Stretched Paws

Polar Bear - Pause in The Light

Ringed Seal - Wheres the Ball

Humpback at Hydrurga Rocks

Warthog - In The Grass

Hippopotamus - Watching Out

Leopard - Intense Hunting

Lion - Cub On The Rocks

Lion - Male on the Rocks

Lion - Golden Sky

Lion - Male in Evening Light

Lion - Swish Went The Tail

Reticulated Giraffe - In Golden Light

Gerenuk - Reach for the Sky

White Rhino - Get Out of My Space

White Rhino - Heads Down

Black Rhino - Walk on By

Black Rhino - Here's Looking At You

Chimanzee - Contemplation

Burchell's Zebra - Join the Dazzle

Orangutan - Light and Easy

Agile Gibbon - Swinging Low

Orangutan - Hold on to that Branch

Orangutan - Precarious Pose

Sun Bear - Resting in the Tree

Proboscis Monkey - That's funny

Proboscis Monkey - Will it ever stop raining

Agile Gibbon - Ready to Leap

Orangutan - Resting Point

Orangutan - Hold on Tight

Polar Bear - Roll Over

Weddell Seal - Head the Ball

Lion - Intense Stare

Hyena - Monochrome

Olive Baboon - Mother and Infant

Jackal - Who Killed The Goat

Gerenuk - Can you see me

Gerenuk - Tasty Treat

Jackal - Whats For Dinner

Reticulated Giraffe - Smile for the Camera

Giraffe - Silhouette

Reticulated Giraffe - Ready to Fight

White Rhino - Collision Course

Agile Gibbon - Look over Yonder Tree

Long-tailed Macaque - I'm not sharing my dinner

Long-tailed Macaque - Must go clean my hands

Proboscis Monkey - Two's Company

Proboscis Monkey - High in the tree

Pig-tailed Macaque - Peak a boo

Borneo Elephant - Out of the Bushes

Polar Bear - Studying The

Polar Bear - With Seal Kill

Grizzly Cubs - Waiting For A Fish

Grizzly Bear - Fishing for Gold

Grizzly Bear - Dreamy Days

Grizzly Bear - Misty Start

Grizzly Bear - Well Hello

Grizzly Bear - Striding Out

Grizzly Bear - Gotcha

Grizzly Bear - Rock Hopper

Grizzly Bear - Light Trail

Grizzly Bear - Water Squabble

Grizzly Bear - On Golden Pond

Grizzly Bear - Golden Greeting

Grizzly Bear - Wet Hair Day

Grizzly Bear - Shaking All Over

Common Zebra - It Takes Two to Tango

Vervet Monkey - Hypnosis

Common Zebra - Striped Beauty

Mountain Gorilla - What Does This One Do

Mountain Gorilla - Buddha

Mountain Gorilla - Belly Wobble On A Branch

Mountain Gorilla - Shy Guy

Mountain Gorilla - I am Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla - Baby Back Rider

Mountain Gorilla - Sheer Determination

Mountain Gorilla - Peace Of Mind

Mountain Gorilla - Not A Care In The World

Mountain Gorilla - Whatever

Lion Cub - Peek-a-boo

Ugandan Kob - Siblings

Ugandan Kob - Three of a Kind

Lion - Hang Down, Nap Time

Lion - On a Branch Totally Relaxed

Lion - Cool Chill

Hippo - In the Eye of the Hippo

Baby Elephant

Lioness - Bronze Eyes

Lion - You can't See Me

I am Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee - Shout!

Chimpanzee - Deep in Thought

Chimpanzee - Resting Portrait

Chimpanzee - Contemplating

Chimpanzee - Absorbed in the Moment

Chimpanzee - Play me a Tune

Chimpanzee - I'll show You Mine If You Show Me Your's

Chimpanzee - I'm King of the Swingers

Mountain Gorilla - Chilling on Weed

Grizzly Bear - Shades Of Autumn

Grizzly Bear - Yellow River

Grizzly Bear - Double Trouble

Grizzly Bear - Who's Arguing

Grizzly Bear - Take That

Grizzly Bear - Misty Moment

Grizzly Bear - Misty Dawn

Grizzly Bear - Keep Moving

Grizzly Bear - Here's Looking at You

Grizzly Bear - Wading in the Shallows

Grizzly Bear - Early Light Shake

Grizzly Bear - Drip Dry

Grizzly Bear - Misty Catch

Grizzly Bear - Is that You

Grizzly Bear - Well I Never

Grizzly Bear - S-cape

Grizzly Bear - Come on Kids

Grizzly Bear - Splash Dance

Grizzly Bear - Tranquil Gold

Grizzly Bear - Golden Silhouette

Grizzly Bear - Morning Mayhem

Grizzly Bear - Sad Times

Grizzly Bear - Walking on Golden Pond

Grizzly Bear - Crow Pie

Grizzly Bear - I can see a fish

Grizzly Bear - Shake My Booty

Grizzly Bear - Fish Bites Back

Grizzly Bear - Reflection of a Blond

Grizzly Bear - Looking for Dinner

Grizzly Bear - Thoughts of Autumn

Icelandic Horse - On the Ridge

Hare - That Was Close

Common Zebra - Dazzle Me

Common Zebra - Horsing Around

Common Zebra - Double Reflections in Muddy Waters

Vervet Monkey - Shy Guy!

Vervet Monkey - Caught in the Act!

Vervet Monkey - Up to Something!

Vervet Monkey - Sneaky Bugger

I Am, Warthog

Mountain Gorilla - Guilty

Mountain Gorilla - Broken Dreams

Mountain Gorilla - Lost in Deep Thought

Mountain Gorilla - Gorilla In The Bush

Mountain Gorilla - Silverback Undercover

Mountain Gorilla - Watching the World Go By

Mountain Gorilla - Solemn Stare

Mountain Gorilla - You Cannot Be Serious

Lioness - Downward Stretch

Lion - TreeTop Branch Dance

Lioness & Cub - Nestled Nicely in the Tree

Elephant - Step and Trunk

Olive Baboon - Open Wide!

Lion - Here's Looking At You

Buffalo in the Reeds

Ugandan Kob - Field of Straw

Lion - Ready to Hunt

Lion - Looking Through The Grass

Ugandan Cob - Proud and Confident

Chimpanzee - Guilty

Chimpanzee - Squat on a Knotted Branch

Chimpanzee - Whats Over There

Chimpanzee - Pucker Up!

Chimpanzee - At Rest

Chimpanzee - Where to Next

Chimpanzee - Back off Buddy

Chimpanzee - That Feels Good

Chimpanzee - They Went That A Way

Chimpanzee - It's a Sad Day

Elephant - Life Lines

Elephant - Piapiac on My Mind

Grizzly Bear - Waiting for Mum

Grizzly Bear - Stand Up for Your Rights

Grizzly Bears - Left Arm Out

Grizzly Bear - Keep Back

Grizzly Bear - Dance Duo

Grizzly Bear - Headache

Grizzly Bear - Chase the fish

Grizzly Bear - Steam Bath

Grizzly Bear - Come on kids

I am Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear - I thought I saw a fish

Grizzly Bear - Moody Morning

Grizzly Bear - Frosty Grass

Grizzly Bear - Stare

Chilcotin Mountain Bears

Grizzly Bear - Wait in the Grass

Grizzly Bear - Forlorn

Grizzly Bear - Walking the Bank

Grizzly Bear - Waiting Cub

Grizzly Bear - Morning Light

Grizzly Bear - Its not too Deep

Grizzly Bear - Circle of Rain

Grizzly Bear - Shaking Spray

Grizzly Bear - Goodbye Cruel World

Grizzly Bear - Cream Bear

Grizzly Bear - Precious Catch

Grizzly Bear - Chasing

Grizzly Bear - Concentration

Hare - Heres Looking at You

Hare - Wet Hare Day

Warthog - Hakuna Matata

Bushbuck - All Eyes on You

Warthog - Camouflage

Common Zebra - Loving Up

Common Zebra - Linear Enchantment

Common Zebra - Book Ends

Common Zebra - Read between the Lines

Vervet Monkey - Coy Boy

Pygmy Mongoose - Cute as a Button

Topi - What Do You Want From Me?

Warthog - I Got My Eye on You!

Warthog - Mud Bath

Mountain Gorilla - King Kong

Mountain Gorilla - Lazy Silverback

Mountain Gorilla - Silverback Espionage

Mountain Gorilla - Give Me A Break

Mountain Gorilla - That's The Spot

Lion - Nap Interrupted

Lion - Tree Hugger

Lion - Its Been a Long Hard Day

Lion - Treetop Snarl

I am Olive Baboon

Lion - Looking Out For Dinner

Chimpanzee - Juicy Fruit

Chimpanzee - Holding on by a thread

Olive Baboon - Long Face in the Long Grass

Chimpanzee - You want my Flower

Chimpanzee - Stubborn

Chimpanzee - You have anything for a Migrane

Chimpanzee - Hard Day's Night

Patas Monkey - Whatever it is, I didn't do it!

Elephant with Piapiac

I Think I Just Eat A Horse

Common Zebra - Hello?

Bushbuck - Stop and Look Around

Common Zebra - Black, White and a Whole lot of Gray

Topi - Can I Have Some Privacy Please?

Topi - Cross Legged

Topi - Timid

Mountain Gorilla - Get Out of My Space

Mountain Gorilla - I'm Not Out of the Woods Yet

Lion - On a branch Looking Over Yonder

Bushbuck in Tall Grass

Ugandan Kob - Where's my Doe

Chimpanzee - Good Night Kiss

Buffalo with Carmine Bee-eater

Buffalo in Morning Light

Beaver at Big Cranberry Lake

Mongoose - Alert in the High Grass

Simien Wolf on Bale Mountain Slopes

Gelada - Determined

Simien Wolf - Hunters in Waiting

Gelada - Sincerity

Gelada - I Think Therefore I am

Gelada - Pride

Gelada - Peaceful Reflection

Gelada - Family in Harmony

Geleda - Stare

Spirit Bear - Walk on the Log

Spirit Bear - In The Forest

Spirit Bear - Water Spray

Spirit Bear - Twist and Shake

Black Bear - Green Velvet

Black Bear - Bare Reflections

Spirit Bear - Surveying

Water Buffalo - Say Hello to My Little Friend

Leopard - Relaxing on Rock

Leopard - Swagger Over Rocks

Leopard - Strutting His Stuff

Leopard - Spots and Rain Drops

Red Fox - Hunting

Red Fox - Look out

Zebra - Double Vision

Zebra - Best Friends

Zebra - One Stripe or Two

Olive Baboon with Infant

Colobus Monkey - Family Party

Colobus Monkey - One giant leap for Monkind

Simien wolf - At Rest

Colobus Monkey with Infant

Simien Wolf in Bale Mountains

Gelada - Magestic

Gelada - Honesty

Gelada - YES! I Did it!

The Hustle and Bustle of the Gelada Clan

Simien Wolf - Heading Home

Simien Wolf - Nice Lunch

Simien Wolf - Rat Tails

Simien Wolf - Its My Dinner

Warthog At Awash National Park

Gelada - Putting One's Foot in One's Mouth

Gelada - Faithful

Gelada - Patrolling the Perimeter

Colobus Monkey - Bell Ringers!

Bison - Sole Reflection

Black Bear Golden Meadow

Bison Herd - The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

North American Beaver - Eager Beaver

North American Beaver - Emerging from the River

Humpback Whale - Jump for Fun

Spirit Bear - Patience

I Am Black Bear

Spirit Bear - Swimming

Black Bear - On the Straight and Narrow

Black Bear - Under a Watchful Eye

Black Bear - Head On

Spirit Bear - Sparkling Water

Black Bear - Step in Time

Black Bear - Ready to Pounce

I Am Spirit Bear

Black Bear - Chasing a Fish

Black Bear - Fish Pursuit

Black Bear - Diving for Fish

Spirit Bear - Bridge

Spirit Bear - In Green Forest

Pine Marten in Long Grass

Pine Marten on Tree Stump

Pine Marten Peering Around Tree

Pine Marten - Reflection II

Pine Marten Snarling

Pine Marten on Mossy Log

Leopard - Startled

Leopard Eyes On You

Leopard - Tip Toe

Elephant Sunrise With Heron

Sloth Bear - Prowling

Wild Pig Attack

Sri Lankan Elephant - Forest Camouflage

Coyote at Gibbon River

Coyote - Under Pine Tree

Red Fox - Prowl

Red Fox - Hunting II

Red Fox - On Alert

Swayns Hartebeest - Looking for Shade

Colobus Monkey - Solitary Moment

Colobus Monkey - I Wonder

I am Mountain Nyala

Mountain Nyala - Female

Simien Wolf - In the Thick of it

Simien Wolf - In the Thick of Things

Simien Wolf on Bale Moutainside

Simien Wolf - Watching You Watching Me

Simien Wolf - Drinking in the Heat of the Day

Vervet Monkey - On the Log

Gelada - Do I Look Like I'm Joking?

Gelada - On the Run

Gelada - Crazy Hungry

Gelada - Bewilderment

Gelada - Here's Looking at You Looking at Me

I Am Simien Wolf

Simien Wolf - Pensive Stare

Gelada - Together We Stand

Gelada - Bad Hair Day

Gelada - Windswept

Gelada - On Guard

Gelada - Casual Camouflage

Gelada - Head on

Gelada - Quiet Empathy

Gelada - Where's the Party

Colobus Monkey - From the Ground Up

Gelada - Affectionate Allogrooming

Bison with Calf - Where You Go, I Go

Waterton - White Tailed Deer in the Forest

Black Bear - In the Thick of Things

Spirit Bear - Fish Supper

Spirit Bear - One Paw at a Time

Spirit Bear - On The Edge

Black Bear - Bashful

Black Bear - Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Spirit Bear - River Dance

Spirit Bear - Under the Bridge

Spirit Bear - Geometry

Black Bear - "Bear"en Lands

Spirit Bear - Go

Spirit Bear - Set

Spirit Bear - Ready

Spirit Bear - Catches the Fish

Black Bear - Water's Edge Anticipation

Spirit Bear - Walking on Sunshine

Humpback Whale - That Was Close

Humpback Whale - Monochoromatic

Black Bear - Crossing the Stream

Spirit Bear - I Cant Watch

Black Bear - On the Rocks

Black Bear - On the Move

Black Bear - Resolute

Spirit Bear - Dinner up my Alley

Spirit Bear - On Waters Edge

Pine Marten at Night I

Pine Marten Midge Attack

Pine Marten - Reflection I

Pine Marten - On River Bank

Jackal Dance

Leopard - Yawning On Rock

Black-nape Hare in Grass

Sloth Bear - Walk the walk!

Leopard - Caught in the Downpour

Elephant - Journey Home

Black-naped Hare with Attitude

Male Leopard Looking Back

Spotted Deer - Vigilant

Spotted Deer - Majestic Male

Leopard - On Guard

Elephant - I Spy with My Little Eye

Sloth Bear - Looking At You

Sloth Bear - Im Hiding!

Coyote at Old Faithful

Red Fox - Stalking

Red Fox - Snarl

Red Fox - Hunting V

Red Fox - Hunting IV

Red Fox - Hunting III

Red Fox - On a Mission

Red Fox - Sleeping

Red Fox - Woken Up

Red Fox - Woken Up II

Red Fox - Look out

Coyote with Bison Carcass II

Red Squirrel - Side Profile

Red Squirrel - Eye to Eye

North American Beaver in the Grass

Humpback Whale - The Whale and the Gull

Black Bear - Fish Fixation

Black Bear - Scrutiny

Black Bear - Emerging from the Tall Grass

Spirit Bear - On the Hunt

Humpback Whale - Fin tastic

Black Bear - Whats Coming Downstream

Spirit Bear - Poised on a Log

Spirit Bear - Wading in Water

Black Bear - Vigilance

Pine Marten - Ichy Twitch

Pine Martens - Double Trouble by the Waters Edge

Leopard - Hunchback

Water Buffalo in Meadow

Elephant - Curly Trunk

Sloth Bear - Walk About

Coyote with Bison Carcass

White Tailed Deer Looking Back

Pine Marten - On the Hill

Spirit Bear - Mud in Your Eye

Black Bear - Gone Fishin

Spirit Bear - Fish Shake Down

Spirit Bear - River March

Pine Marten - Canvasing the Forest Floor

Pine Marten at Night II

Wild Pigs - Going Wild

Wild Pig In Meadow

Red Fox - Pounce

Red Fox - Landscape

Grey Wolf - I See You

Grey Wolf - On the Prowl (Captive)

Muskox on the Tundra

Japanese Macaque - In the Snow

Japanese Macaques in the Mist

Aus - Wild Horse Fight

Bull Elk at Taggart Lake

Bull Elk on the Run

White Tailed Deer, Montana

Musk Ox - Meadow Madness

Hedgehog Reflections at Night

Brown Bears - Playing in the Water

Brown Bear - Reflection

Brown Bears - Snap Happy

Brown Bear - Shy

Snow Monkey - Mother and Infant

Japanese Macaque - Hidding in the Snow

Japanese Macaque - Monkey Back Ride

Japanese Macaque - The Stare

Japanese Macaque - Protected Infant

Namib Naukluft Park - Zebra 3

Namib Naukluft Park - Zebra 1

Aus - Wild Horses in the Dust

Namib Naukluft Park - Zebra 2

Male White Tail, Montana

Bull Elk on the Plain

Male Whitetail, Teton National Park

Resting Elk, North Yellowstone

Resting Elk in Yellow Gorse

Muskox Group

Musk Ox on the Rocks

FA Musk Ox - Hazy Lazy Days

Brown Bear - Three Cubs

Brown Bears - Play Fight

Brown Bears - Look Who's Coming

Icelandic Horses at Hvammur (Mono)

Japanese Macaque In Snow (Monochrome)

Icelandic Horses at Hvammur

Japanese Macaque - Deep Snow

Japanese Macaque - Infant in Snow

Japanese Macaque - Infant in Pool

Water Vole with Crab Apple

Water Vole on Mossy Rock

Water Vole Feeding

Musk Ox Grazing on the Tundra

Musk Ox - Standing Bold

Namib Zebra Portrait

Three Whitetails, National Bison Reserve

Musk Ox - Ladies in Waiting

Musk Ox, Must Go

Musk Ox - Wind in My Hair

Brown Bear - Side Portrait

Water Vole - Surprised

Water Vole Begging!

Fighting Horses (Mono)

Japanese Macaque - Misty Bath (Monochrome)

Fighting Horses

Icelandic Horses in Evening Light

Japanese Macaque - Misty Bath

Japanese Macaque - Cold Hands

Japanese Macaque - Hear, See, Speak

Water Vole in Pipe

Namib Ground Squirrel

Yellow Mongoose

Meerkat on Lookout

Aus - Horses in Morning Light

Aus - Horse in Evening Light

Musk Ox - In the Meadow of Nowhere

Brown Bear - Misty Pond

Brown Bear - Golden Sunlight

Brown Bear - At the River

Brown Bear - Big Male

Water Vole at Cromford

Horse Kisses!

Galloping Icelandic Horses

Raindeer near Hofn

Water Vole leaving Pipe

Water Vole on Grassy Rock

Water Vole in Pipe with Grass

Water Vole on Rock Ledge

Red Fox in Morning Light

Red Fox - Keep Away

Elk In the Mist

Grizzly Cubs - Waiting for Mum

Pine Marten Under Vehicle

Grizzly Bear - Strolling

Hoar Frost Fox

Arctic Fox - White Out

Cant Quite Reach The Itch

Polar Bear - Prowling Bear

Polar Bear - Keep Up

Polar Bear - First Winter

Red Fox - Snuggled Up Nicely

Lesser Chipmunk

Bull Elk at Sunrise

Bison, Lamar Valley

Pronghorn, Lamar Valley

Curious Pronghorn

Elk in Morning Light

Grizzly Cubs - Where's Mum

Grizzly - Now Where Did That Fish Go

Backlight Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear - Strolling

Crimp Bear Stretching

Grizzly in Sand Den

Young Rabbt on Levisham Moor

Wolverine in Snow

Wolverine Side Portrait

Golden Eagle with Fox

Pine Marten with Reflection

Polar Bear - On a Mission

Polar Bear - Big Bear

Red & Black Fox - Hoar Frost Fox

Red & Black Fox - Snarl

Arctic Fox - Arctic Stroll

Arctic Fox - Chilly Sleep

Arctic Fox - In Arctic Conditions

Polar Bear - Rolly Bear

Polar Bear - Digging for Dinner

Polar Bear - Sniffing for Food

Polar Bear - Dancing on Ice

Polar Bear - Watch Out Seals

Polar Bear - -25 and Time For Dinner

Polar Bear - Here's Looking At You

Red Fox - Beautiful Brush

Red Fox - How Beautiful Am I

Red Fox - Good Morning

Grizzly Bear in Frosty Sage

Elk Running in the Rising Sun

Bull in Misty Water

Grizzly Cubs - Mum's Over There!

Grizzly Mum and Cubs - G0243

Grizzly - Getting a Better View

Charging Bear - G9823

Grizzly Cubs - Dance Crazy

Crimp Bear - H0289

Grizzly Prowling

Wolverine in Snow

Pine Marten in the Rain

Polar Bear - Don't Mess With Me

Red Fox - Angry

Polar Bear - Yippee the Sea Froze

Polar Bear - Pretty Cub

Polar Bear - Wait for Me Mum

Arctic Fox - Beautiful Eyes

Polar Bear - Bear Faced

Red Fox - Time For Breakfast

Elk Cow, Backlight

Young Elk in Evening Light

Elk Bellowing in the Rising Sun

Mule Deer at Tower-Roosevelt

Bull Elk Crossing River

Grizzly Mum and Cubs - G0233

Grizzly Cubs - Twins!

Charging Bear - G9821

Crimp Bear - H0303

Crimp Bear - On the Beach

Crimp Bear - Side Portrait

Golden Eagle - Swooping Low

Pine Marten In the Daisies

Pine Marten In the Daisies

Red Fox - Monochrome

Grizzly Cubs - Monochrome

Lion Cub Lookout

Lioness wirh Cub in the Bush