Gentoo Penguin - Toboggan Fun

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Weddell Seal - You Said What

Gentoo Penguin - Toboggan Fun

Gentoo Penguin - Out of the Snow

Gentoo Penguin - On The Run

Adelie Penguin - Blue Light

Adelie Penguin at Joinville Island

Adelie Penguin - Breast Patterns

Elephant Seal - Hunkered Down

Elephant Seal - Lazy Eye

Weddell Seal - No More Photos

Gentoo Penguin - Trying to Catch The Girl

Gentoo Penguin - Syncronised Dancers

Gentoo Penguin - Three In Line

Weddell Seal - You Cant Be Serious

Polar Pioneer at Cuverville Island

Gentoo Penguin - Stay Back

Iceberg - Blue Rock

Gentoo Penguin - Making a Run For It

Gentoo Penguin - My Feet Are Cold

Gentoo Penguin - Evening Light

Gentoo Penguin at Darco Island

Adelie Penguin - Wait For Me

Adelie Penguin - Syncronised Diving

Adelie Penguin - Head Forward

Adelie Penguin - Follow Me

Adelie Penguin - Solo Dive

Adelie Penguin - The Pied Piper

Adelie Penguin - Close up

Elephant Seal - Just Good Friends

Elephant Seal - All Smiles

Elephant Seal - Syncronised Yawning

Weddell Seal - On the Rocks

Weddell Seal - Laugh Out Loud

Weddell Seal - Fancy Footwork

Gentoo Penguin - Mind The Rock

Adelie Penguin - Feeling Tired

Adelie Penguin - Looks Cold

Gentoo Penguin - Up The Hill

Gentoo Penguin - Ready to Take Off

Gentoo Penguin - Watch Your Step

Chinstrap Penguin - Stand Tall

Chinstrap Penguin - Choir Practice

Chinstrap Penguin - Rock Waddle

Chinstrap Penguin - Rock Top Meeting

Weddell Seal - Impeccable Snooze

Gentoo Penguin - Belly Skater

Gentoo Penguin - Melancholy

Gentoo Penguin - Fighting Through The Snow

Gentoo Penguin - Beaks At Dawn

Iceberg - Blue Steeple

Gentoo Penguin - Lost in The Snow

Humpback Tail Fin at Hydrurga Rocks

Iceberg near Hydrurga Rocks

Weddell Seal - Sleep Easy

Adelie Penguin - Follow The Leader

Adelie Penguin - After You

Adelie Penguin - Get In Line

Adelie Penguin - Over The Edge

Adelie Penguin - Up Close

Adelie Penguin - Heads Up

Elephant Seal - Blizzard Conditions

Elephant Seal - White Out

Elephant Seal - Best Buddies

Gentoo Penguin - Cold Feet

Gentoo Penguin - Come on Lets Go

Gentoo Penguin - Hill Ascent

Gentoo Penguin - Hill Descent

Gentoo Penguin - Best Foot Forward

Gentoo Penguin Colony at Trinity Island

Chinstrap Penguin - Walk

Gentoo Penguin Colony at Useful Island

Gentoo Penguin - Pensive Pose

Gentoo Penguin - Rock Steady

Gentoo Penguin - Resting on The Rocks

Gentoo Penguin - Forlorn

Antarctic Shag - Portrait

Humpback at Hydrurga Rocks

Polar Pioneer at Joinville Island

Weddell Seal - Head the Ball

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Technical information

Camera: NIKON D500
ISO: ISO-1100
Lens: 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR AF-S
Shutter: 1/4000sec
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 350mm


Sat, 18 Nov 2017

Photo tags

Gentoo Penguin
Mikkleson Harbour
Trinity Island