White Rhino - Hitting the Target

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Black Rhino - On The Move

White Rhino - Hitting the Target

Giraffe - Walking Tall

Reticulated giraffe - On White Background

Long Tailed Widowbird - On Branch

Long Tailed Widowbird - In Flight

Lion - Playful Cub

Lion - Female With Her Young Cubs

Black-winged Stilt - Reflection

Masai Mara Acacia Sunset

Jackal - Close-up

Lion - Male in Golden Light

Hippo - Heading to the River

African Bush Elephant - In The Long Grass

Leopard - Looking for Dinner

Chimanzee - You Hum It I'll Play It

Black Rhino - Na na

Warthog - In The Bush

African Bush Elephant - Tearful

White Rhino - Power Struggle

White Rhino - Tangled Heads

Reticulated Giraffe - With a Flick of the Tail

Dik Dik - I Am

Reticulated giraffe - Head Portrait

Reticulated Giraffe - Heads Up

Gerenuk - Picking Dinner

Vulturine Guinea Fowl - Head On Portrait

Leopard - Hiding in the Bush

Crown Crane - Nice Hat

Nubian Giraffe - In The Trees

Impala - Take That

Jackal - Stand Proud

Lion - Female Resting in the Grass

Lion - Proud Mother with Cub

Vervet Monkey - Portrait

Lion - Keep Away From My Cub

Lion - Playing with Cub

Lion - Lapping It Up

Lion - Cub Running to Mum

Burchell's Zebra - Contemplation

Burchell's Zebra - Portrait

Black Bellied Bustard - Puff It Up

Cori Bustard - Walk Proud

Ostrich - Females in Evening Light

Lion - Snarling Male

Lion - Male on the Ridge

Lion - Majestic Male

Hippopotamus - Heading Home

Hyena - In Golden Light

Ostrich - Come Here Gorgeous

Lion - On The Hunt

Wildebeest - Blocking the Road

African Bush Elephant - Mara Landscape

Chimanzee - Seriously

Speckled Pigeon - Under The Canopy

Impala - Family Gathering

White Rhino - Tasty Snack

Ostrich - Leave Me Alone

Reticulated Giraffe - Solitary Stroll

Reticulated Giraffe - Crossing The Plain

Reticulated Giraffe - Two Heads are Better Than One

Reticulated Giraffe - Two Heads

Reticulated Giraffe - Fighting

African Savanna Hare - Don't Move

Vulturine Guinea Fowl - Side Portrait

Vulturine Guinea Fowl - Graceful Swagger

Burchell's Zebra - Play Flighting

Grey-Backed Fiscal Shrike - On a Perch

Hyena - Stealthly Walk

Nubian Giraffe - Tree Cover

Impala - Dirty Play

Burchell's Zebra - Best of Friends

Jackal - In The Grass

Hyena - Squeal Little Piggy

Lion - Terrible Twins

Lion - Cub with Sad Eyes

Lion - Play Fight

Lion - Female Portrait

Buffalo - In the Bush

Lesser Flamingo - Lake Nakuru

Lion - Walking in the Rain

Lion - Cub In The Rain

Lion - Cuddle from Mother

Lion - Mother Cleaning Her Baby

Lion - Watchful Mother with Cub

Hyena - I Am

Lion - Cub Looking for Mum

Lion - Cub in the Grass

Wildebeest - Black Beest

Cori Bustard - He Said She Said

Jackal - Resting Under The Bush

Lion - Male in the Grass

Hippopotamus - Homeward Bound

Secretary Bird - Next Assignment

Leopard - In The Woods

Lion - Watching Out

Chimanzee - Contemplation

Black Rhino - Here's Looking At You

Black Rhino - Walk on By

Greater Blue-Eared Starling - On A Branch

White Rhino - Heads Down

White Rhino - Get Out of My Space

Gerenuk - Reach for the Sky

Pygmy Falcon - On Branch

Dik Dik - In The Sand

Reticulated Giraffe - In Golden Light

Burchell's Zebra - Join the Dazzle

Lion - Swish Went The Tail

Lion - Male in Evening Light

Lion - Golden Sky

Lion - Male on the Rocks

Lion - Cub On The Rocks

Leopard - Intense Hunting

Tawny Eagle - Juvenile

Hippopotamus - Watching Out

Warthog - In The Grass

Lilac Breasted Roller - Singing A Happy Song

White Rhino - Collision Course

Reticulated Giraffe - Smile for the Camera

Reticulated Giraffe - Ready to Fight

Jackal - Whats For Dinner

Gerenuk - Tasty Treat

Gerenuk - Can you see me

Jackal - Who Killed The Goat

Fish Eagle - Whats That

Olive Baboon - Mother and Infant

Waterbuck - At Lake Nakuru

Hyena - Monochrome

Lion - Intense Stare

Giraffe - Silhouette

Acacia Tree Sunset

Lilac Breasted Roller - In The Light

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Technical information

Camera: NIKON D500
ISO: ISO-1600
Lens: 300mm f2.8 G ED VR II AF-S
Shutter: 1/125sec
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 300mm


Fri, 15 Sep 2017

Photo tags

Laikipia County
Ol Pejeta Conservancy
White Rhino