Humpback Whale - Monochoromatic


Humpback Whale - Monochoromatic

Humpback Whale - Fin tastic

Humpback Whale - That Was Close

Spirit Bear - In Green Forest

Spirit Bear - On Waters Edge

Spirit Bear - Dinner up my Alley

Spirit Bear - Surveying

Spirit Bear - Bridge

Spirit Bear - Walking on Sunshine

Spirit Bear - Sparkling Water

Black Bear - Head On

Black Bear - Diving for Fish

Black Bear - Water's Edge Anticipation

Spirit Bear - On the Hunt

Spirit Bear - River March

Belted Kingfisher (Male) - Perched on a Branch

Belted Kingfisher (Male) - Observing From Above

Spirit Bear - Fish Shake Down

Spirit Bear - Catches the Fish

Spirit Bear - Ready

Spirit Bear - Set

Spirit Bear - Go

Black Bear - Under a Watchful Eye

Black Bear - Fish Pursuit

Black Bear - Chasing a Fish

Black Bear - On the Straight and Narrow

Black Bear - Emerging from the Tall Grass

Black Bear - "Bear"en Lands

Spirit Bear - Geometry

Spirit Bear - Under the Bridge

Spirit Bear - River Dance

Spirit Bear - Swimming

American Dipper - In the Rustling Stream

Steller's Jay - Side Profile

Black Bear - Resolute

Black Bear - On the Move

Black Bear - On the Rocks

Black Bear - Bare Reflections

Ocean Light II at Gribble Island BC

Belted Kingfisher (Female) -Perched on a Mossy Branch

Pine Marten - Canvasing the Forest Floor

American Dipper - In Tranquil Stream

I Am Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear - I Cant Watch

Black Bear - Ready to Pounce

Black Bear - Crossing the Stream

Black Bear - Vigilance

Black Bear - Green Velvet

Black Bear - Step in Time

Spirit Bear - Wading in Water

Spirit Bear - Poised on a Log

Black Bear - Whats Coming Downstream

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Technical information

Camera: NIKON D4
ISO: ISO-800
Lens: 300mm f2.8 G ED VR II AF-S
Shutter: 1/3200sec
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 300mm


Fri, 11 Sep 2015

Photo tags

Berny Pass
British Columbia
Humpback Whales
North America